Hotdogging, Alexander


I was with the boys, Phillip and Alexander yesterday late afternoon to take them to guitar and to celebrate their birthdays at The Melting Pot.


I was on a tight plan from haircut to pick up Phillip to wrap presents to wait for Alexander to come home on his bike to take them to guitar to talk to Ginny about UPS while they were at guitar to change clothes at the guitar place to go to dinner at the Melting Pot to go back to Charlotte to another dinner at Deborah Noland’s.


The haircut is a miracle, visiting each time with Lenore and talking trash, talking the 12 steps, talking recipes and travel, and talking about William and the dog, Mollee, both of whom I have taken with me for the haircut so she is all ears for both of them. It is a joy to be with her. We trash talked the people who show up without their checkbooks to pay and then put off sending her a check and then died laughing that for the first time ever I showed up without my checkbook. I crossed the street to an ATM and gave her cash.


I got to Phillip’s school in Mt. Mourne early; he is graduating from 8th grade in 2 weeks. I did my email sitting in the car and starting reading for my Dwelling class, Francis Fukuyama’s book, The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution.


Picked up Phillip, while waiting while he was visiting with several girls, and rode home, asked him to tell me three things I didn’t know about him and he said,

“I had EOG tests today”

“What’s that?”

“End of Grade”

“Did well?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Okay give me another.”

“Aw, I can’t think.”

“What are you doing this summer with Scouts?”

“Oh, I am going to Moab Utah to hike, dirt bike, and swim. It is with Ventures.”



“Okay, one more”

“I played my bass at church and at the church spring concert about Noah and then played Star Wars at the school spring concert.”




Then we got home, he headed to the computer, I headed to the dining room table to wrap birthday presents for them, Birthdays on the 2nd and 12th and this is the first time I can see them to celebrate.


Then I head out to the road to walk to meet Alexander on his bike, coming down the hill from school. I raise my hands high in greetings and he comes to a stop for a hug, always good for that. I said you go on home and I will walk back and get something to eat and drink and then we will go to guitar and piano. Okay.


Am I am walking I watch him bike and cars come by on the country road passing both of us in either direction. Traffic dies down. He starts riding his bike like an S going back and forth across the lane.

A car comes up behind him and he doesn’t know it. He is having a fine time hot-dogging. The car doesn’t pass and parks in the grass on the shoulder waiting and he finally sees and straightens up. They pass. He pulls into his driveway, parks the bike and starts walking back to meet me, ready to take off his helmet and show me his buzz cut, grinning.


I say.



“Did you see that car and what happened?”


“You were going back and forth across the road in the shape of an S and they couldn’t pass you, so they pulled over.”


“What was going on?”

“I couldn’t help it.”


“Well, you see, I was pedaling in a little uphill place and when I am pedaling, I can’t help going back and forth like that.”



“So you can’t go in a straight line when you are pedaling?”


“So I need to tell your parents then that you can’t ride in a straight line when you pedal and you shouldn’t ride you bike on Grey Road.”

“Oh I can ride in a straight line when I pedal.”

“Oh so it isn’t true that you couldn’t help it?”


“So you weren’t telling the truth about that?”


“Okay, so don’t do that anymore. It is really dangerous.”


“And don’t lie to me.”


“Great thank you and let’s go something to eat and go to music.”



Anyway, we went to guitar, I walked, talked to Ginny at 4:30, saw some old friends, my tea bag artist, changed clothes, got to The Melting Pot and had an outrageous meal and fun time and Thomas read me the 10 things people have always wanted to say to David Letterman.   And then he told me how a Scout Cubaree works with giant sling shots/catapults and other physics experiments.


And my miracle is Alexander survived the bike ride and we both survived the conversation.


He gave me his three things I didn’t know about his but I can’t remember other than that he was Noah in the church musical and had a solo singing part. I knew that because I went to it but I still liked to hear him tell about it.