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Integrity, Principles and points of view, Stories to follow

Integrity, what is it? doing what works, doing what you say you will do and on time


Integrity Principles, stories to follow 


Being related and integrity are the source of results and that is it.

Look there strategically

Are you building relationships?

Are you being true to your word? To your strategy?



Being true to your values

Being true to your standards and ideals

Being true to who have said your self to be


Guilt and shame is not integrity

It is an internal state you are loyal to your internal state (how you feel)

At the cost of being out here Related in the world


You are dancing with disempowering conversations

You could give your word not to do that

When you notice a disempowering conversation

When you notice being loyal to how you feel about it unless you are lit up and empowered by how you feel, but mostly regarding not keeping your word, you are ashamed, guilty and embarrassed

All of which are internal states



Just don’t buy in to it and entertain the disempowering conversation as true



You could meditate, pray


Call a friend who won’t coddle you or buy in,

Take a hot bath

Take a walk

Have a good cry

Get or give a hug or both

Have some good hot soup

Tell someone you love him or her

Tell someone you are sorry

Ask someone what you can do for him or her


All that is good and healing

And all that, even the bath or long walk,

Is the practice of someone working on their integrity and authenticity and their leadership power and mastery


By distinguishing out integrity and restoring it and building it and the same for authenticity. Distinguish it as missing and then bring it present by sharing where you have been pretending and separate and the impact that has on others and clean of up


With your partner, commit to having an honest and supportive and friendly and spiritual relationship each responsible for in what ways you don’t make it work by being separate and not following through on what you know works


Doing what you know to do whether you promised to or not

Doing what you promised

Being and doing